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About Us

Reliant Drilling Private Limited

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RELIANT, is more more than just a mining contractor; we’re visionaries committed to progress. Our mission is clear: to become the world’s most respected mining services company. We supply the global mining industry with safe, high-quality solutions. Our business model stands out—unique and effective. We provide services that are safe, reliable, and competitive, tailored specifically for the client’s requirements. We take pride in delivering comprehensive mechanized mining services, utilizing a dependable fleet of modern mining equipment. Our expertise extends to executing and managing complex mining projects, even in the most challenging and remote locations worldwide.

Our identity is not just about numbers—it’s about principles. Safety, quality, and productivity define us. These pillars guide our actions, and we’re committed to maintaining this identity of excellence.

Why choose reliant ?

Defining our purpose

  • Proven Track Record: Decades of successful projects speak of our competence and reliability.
  • Client-Centric Approach: We listen to our clients, tailor solutions to their unique needs, and build lasting partnerships.
  • Results-Driven: Our focus is on tangible outcomes—increased production, optimized costs, and minimized risks.

At Reliant, we invite you to be part of our transformative mission. Together, we’ll mine not only minerals but also a sustainable future—one where innovation, efficiency, and responsible practices intersect.

Our Vision

Continuous innovation

Our vision is to be highly respected, world-class mining company.

Our vision is to be a world-class mining contracting company, driven by innovation and a commitment to safety. We adhere to international standards in mining operations and environmental conservation, ensuring the well-being of our employees and local communities. Our goal is to deliver exceptional value to all our stakeholders through sustainable and safe practices.

Our Mission

Continuous improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement and excellence in the mining contracting industry. Our mission includes:

  • Performance Enhancement: We strive to enhance the value of our services by consistently improving our performance.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: We embrace state-of-the-art technology to gain a competitive edge in the mining contracting industry.
  • Productivity Parity: Our goal is to achieve productivity levels that match the best practices globally whilst providing a cost-effective product.
Our work

Our incredible projects

Dig into the future of mining

We have a global presence executing specialized mining services around the world.

Mining Process

Digging deeper, the mining process explained.

At our mining operations, we employ cutting-edge techniques to extract valuable minerals from the Earth. Our commitment extends beyond profit—we prioritize safety, environmental stewardship, and social inclusion.

Our Approach to Business:
  • Responsible Mining: We adhere to best practices, striving for zero harm and minimizing our environmental impact.
  • Modern Methods: Our mining processes encompass both massive ore body extraction and narrow vein mining, utilizing various production methods as required by our partners. Mined-out stopes are backfilled using paste fill, or hydraulic fill where necessary.
  • Stakeholder Value: We create sustainable value for our stakeholders through robust management systems and continuous improvement.
  • Underground Mining: Our skilled miners extract ores from deep within the Earth, ensuring safety and avoiding unsafe incidents.
  • Health and Safety: We prioritize the well-being of our workforce, addressing health risks associated with underground mining.