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Health and Wellness Policy

Reliant, perceives that our workers are the important assets and ensuing their wellbeing and general health is as significant as safeguarding their safety. We are aware of the risks that surround all organization activities and, in that awareness, we are constantly promoting a healthy lifestyle. This Policy intends to list RELIANT's commitments to ensure the health and wellness of our workers, to conform to current regulations, and to accomplish organizational targets.

Affirmation of Health and Work Fitness.

All the staff clinical guide for work related diseases, mishaps, accident and medical issue. Every employee is encouraged to take responsibility for their health and work fitness.

Proactive Approach on Health and Wellness.

In order to avoid accidents and diseases, we take preventive measures by continually assessing our employees working environment conditions and encouraging them to evaluate their current environment and to convey any condition that might influence their wellbeing and health.

Encourage Employees to Open Communication

Our employees are urged to discuss their concerns with the expert delegate professional approved by the public authority and the local community, to avoid the accumulation of stress that may endanger their welfare.

Smoke-Free Workplace

All closed spaces in our offices are 100 % without smoke. All our employees and other stakeholders are aware of this commitment and shall be sanctioned accordingly if they fail to comply.

Observation of Performance

All our supervisors are committed to always be alert and observe the performance of their employees, to identify any change in behaviour and decline in performance. Our supervisors are encouraged to establish and open communication with their employees, where appropriate

Knowledge on Health Benefits

All our employees are well aware of their health benefits and are constantly reminded of the correct use of their health aid.

Promotion of Social Interaction

We encourage our employees to maintain healthy relationships among their colleagues and to interact with each other socially.

Encourage Employees to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

All our employees are encouraged to moderate their alcohol and cigarette consumption, to constantly exercise and drink fair amounts of water, we also strongly discourage the use of drugs and narcotics.

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