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Corporate Social Responsibility

Reliant CSR Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility is strongly connected with the principles of sustainability.

Reliant's CSR programs are geared toward raising living standards in communities near our commercial operations that are struggling. Our interventions, which adhere to the Sustainable Development Goals, emphasize the historically and socially disadvantaged Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe populations and focus on health, education, employability, and the environment.

We have been addressing various challenges, starting with sustainability projects through communityinvolvement, social advancement, and environmental transformation, as well as issues with healthcareand sanitation, boosting household income, empowering women, and more.

Our biggest asset, our people, are the foundation of our ability to do good, and through them, we are confident that we will significantly alter the world. Our desire to make a difference—to improve the world, protect the environment for future generations, and have a positive impact on ourpeople—grows along with our company's expansion.

Education For All

Environment Conservation

Health, Water & Sanitation

Women Empowerment

Our CSR Activities

Together we help uplift communities.

100 KW Solar Project

Reduce Carbon Emission

One of the main problems we are currently experiencing is climate change. We are on the verge of environmental catastrophe as a result of 200 years of human activity. However, we are informed that there are still steps we can do to lessen the harm. One such step is lowering your carbon footprint.

According to the Emission Database for Global Atmospheric Research, the electricity sector accounts for 51% of India's carbon emissions, as shown in the accompanying image (EDGAR). Reliant has made significant progress in advancing the UN's sustainable development objectives, and we will be able to cut carbon emissions thanks to our 100 kilowatt solar panel.

How much CO2 output will Reliant stop?

  • A tiny 1 kW rooftop solar system in India might provide 1200 units of power per year, according to the Central Electricity Authority. According to the CO2 Baseline Database for the Indian Power Sector (CEA), grid energy emissions in 2016–17 were roughly 820 g CO2 equivalent per kWh. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory projected in 2012 that solar panel life cycle carbon emissions were less than 50 g CO2 eq. per kWh.
  • A system might reduce emissions by the same amount as 4000 trees. According to these calculations, if our little 1 kW rooftop system were to replace India's grid electricity, carbon emissions would be reduced by 1200*(820-50)/1000 = 924 kg CO2 eq. per year. About 22 kg of CO2 would be captured annually by a typical hardwood tree.
  • Therefore, we will avoid emitting 92400 kg CO2 equivalent per year (924 kg CO2 equivalent on 1 kW) thanks to our 100 kw solar panel.
  • Additionally, one may offset carbon emissions equal to around 40 trees by switching to a rooftop solar power system with a 1 kW capacity instead of fossil fuel power generation. As a result, our 100 kW solar system could compensate for emissions equal to 4000 trees.

Bherunath Laundry Project

(Given Washing Machine to local woman(Lalita ji ) to be self-sufficient)

Reliant helped Lalita, a local woman, and her family launches their laundry company. By giving her the tools and support she needs to launch her small business, we assist her in becoming self-sufficient.

With her hard work and our team's help, the lady can now meet the laundry demand for between 300 and 400 customers each Day. We are delighted that she has registered her business under the name' Bherunath Laundry.'As her work expanded, she added four more neighborhood families to her team.

Reliant wants to help the community near the mine become self-sufficient and business owners so they may lead fulfilling lives and support the local economy.

In addition, Dependent has supported numerous local organizations as part of its corporate social responsibility program to help the community become more 'reliant' on itself.

According to the Emission Database for Global Atmospheric Research, India's electricity industry contributes 51 percent of the country's total carbon emissions (EDGAR). Reliant has made significant progress in advancing the UN's sustainable development objectives, and we will be able to cut carbon emissions thanks to our 100-kilowatt solar panel.

We have assisted with school renovations,woollen clothing,offered books, constructed toilets and bathrooms to advance Swach Bharat.

Adopted School

The Adopt a School program has been working on school infrastructure development, teaching, and learning improvement through extracurricular activities, digitizing the educational ecosystem, enhancing student employability, and implementing sustainable initiatives for the benefit of individuals, society, and the environment. The program honors all the school and their hardworking staff and students by providing such a great pathway for them. This works to the advantage of the education system and is a way to improve it.

Planted more than 200 plants

We have Planted More than 200 plants at Dariba, Rajsamand, Rajasthan

A sustainable future for our world is being pushed forward by our collaboration with the Reforestation Projects. Planting trees improves water quality, slows erosion and flooding, and restores local rainfall patterns and restores wildlife habitats.

Reforestation employs locals from the community to grow trees, reducing the acute poverty there. Most importantly, the programs assist local populations in recognizing and gaining from the restored forests through improved farming, cleaner water, increased fisheries, and the development of microenterprises.

By restoring animal habitats, assisting communities to escape poverty, and investing in a sustainable future for our world, we are demonstrating our commitment to our values.

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