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Our Services

Mining Services

With the aim of attaining responsible and sustainable mining we offer the following services.

Mechanized Mine Development

Our service of Mechanized Mine Development involves preparing a mine for ore extraction in sections from 4x4 to 6.5x6 and includes the excavation Capital, Primary, and Secondary development such as Access Ramps (Decline and Incline), Main Drives, Footwall Drives, Cross Cuts, and others required by the client.

We have a fleet of more than 35 Development rigs including Double Boom Rigs with feed beams of 4.2 metres rod length.

We have executed more than 150km of Mechanized Mine Development.

Production Long Hole

In Long Hole Production, a rotary or percussive-type drill is used to drill underground blast holes to depths exceeding 3m. In this method, a series of small underwater explosions are used to break the rock at the bottom of the hole, the fragments from each explosion being washed away by the flushing water.

Our Long Hole Production service is a combination of technics and operating practices used to control the drilling holes preciseness using onboard instruments such as double axle, digital inclinometer, angle reader, and positioning laser in our fleet with more than 15 Long Hole Drilling Rigs.

We have executed more than 5,270 Km of Long Hole Production.

Mucking, Loading and Hauling

Mucking and Hauling refers to the operation of loading and removing excavated material and dumping it to predetermined sites. Removal of muck is started as soon as it is safe for both men and machines. In underground mining, the truck-loader haulage system involves mucking the material from the end face and transporting it to the dumping point where it is reloaded into trucks for further transportation. In some cases, trucks can be loaded directly at the working face or at a dumping point.

We have a fleet of 10, 15, and 17 Tons Loaders and Mine Trucks of 25, 30, and 45 Tons. We also have a fleet of Loaders remotely operated for areas that do not allow access for people, eliminating the risk of injury and fatality.

Cable Bolting

Cable bolting is an established technique used extensively for reinforcement of the rock mass adjacent to surface and underground rock excavations. Cable bolts are long, fully grouted, untensioned reinforcing elements. The objective of cable bolting is to improve the shear and tensile strength of the rock mass. The basic cable bolt support consists of a high-strength cable installed in a borehole and grouted with cement.

Our Cable Bolting service covers the installation of different types of cable, such as mechanic cable, expansion cell cable, anchor cable, and others. We have cable bolting equipment that can operate in different section areas and we use electrical grouting pump to grout the holes.

Shotcrete and TLS

Shotcrete consists of a concrete mixture or mortar placed by high-speed pneumatic projection from a nozzle. Its components are aggregates, cement, and water, and it can be supplemented with fine materials, chemical additives, and reinforcing fibres. Shotcrete can be done with robotic equipment or manually, by the wet or dry method. The selection of the most appropriate method depends both on the dimensions of the work and the amount of concrete to be sprayed, as well as on the logistical circumstances.

Our Shotcrete service is done mechanically and using remote robotic equipment. Ensuring to provide the most efficient shotcrete and TLS service to our clients.

Bolts and Mesh Installation

Bolts and mesh installation is support method used to ensure a permanent or temporary excavated area is supported by transferring load from the unstable exterior to the confined (and much stronger) interior of the rock mass. This method is used for stabilizing rock excavations, which may be used in tunnels or rock cuts.

Our bolts and mesh installation services provide the most efficient and versatile installation of mesh and split sets with tough rugged equipment that helps to reduce the operation time and also the risk of injury and fatality of our miners.

Back Filling

Backfill consists on filling in an excavated trench/hole create by digging or drilling especially using some of the material that has been taken out from the excavation works. Backfill material depends on the KPS LPG installation manual emplacement methods, backfill and sealing methods, the timing of backfill, and sealing.

Our Back Filling Works service uses different types of filling material for mechanical, hydraulic, cemented filling, and soon we will also use paste filling material. For this service, we provide specialized workforce and the distribution and monitoring of the whole process from the material acquisition, cycloning, separation, transportation, and confinement of the material in the area.

Box Cut and Portal

A Box Cut or Box Pit is an open-cut into the rock mass to prepare an area for the construction of the Portal, a Box Cut is sunk until the sufficiently unweathered rock is found to allow the development of the decline. A Portal is a construction made to supply a secure and safe entrance as access to a slope or to an underground mine. The Portal is generally made safe with rock bolts, wire mesh, and shotcrete, which prevents accidental rock falls from closing access to the decline.

Our Box Cut & Portal service starts from the movement of superficial and eroded material to the stabilisation of the ground using different techniques and support methods, such as anchor cables, mesh, cross cable tensioning, and shotcrete.

Earthworks Services

Earth-moving operations are carried out by any means for development purposes and include: the removal of vegetation, the disturbance of land surfaces by moving and removing, placing, or replacing soil, or by excavation or cutting and filling operations, contouring, road, driveway, and access construction. Earthwork services can be performed by excavation, or by cutting or filling operations, including the importation of fill.

Our Earthwork services have a fleet of Front Loaders of 15 and 17 tons, Trucks and Articulated Trucks of 30 and 45 tons.

Open Pit Holes (Drill and Blast)

Open Pit Hole is a surface mining drilling method in which massive, usually metallic mineral deposits are removed by drilling and cutting benches in the walls of a broad, deep funnel-shaped excavation point. The surface mine operations typically have high equipment utilization, drilling up to 80 percent of the working day with DTH technique. The typical blasthole drilled with DTH tools in open-pit mines is 5 to 8 in. in diameter. Buffer holes regularly run 5 ½ to 6 ¾ in. Pre-split drilling usually requires hole diameters between 4 ½ and 5 ½ in.

Our Open Pit Hole Production service includes drilling holes for grade control, pre-split, ore production with diameter required by the client.

Slope Bench Support

Mechanical support of rock is frequently used in underground mining, recently the application of rock support and reinforcement has also become popular in surface mining. Commonly used support techniques are rock bolts, rock anchors, or cable bolts, and to some extent wire mesh and chain link fencing to ensure the stabilization of the slopes. Retaining walls have also been used in civil projects and in a few instances in open pit mining projects.

We have flexible drilling equipment for the different drilling areas from 38mm to 51mm and alignment devices to ensure the preciseness of the drilling holes to ensure the stabilization of the slopes. We have equipment for horizontal hole drilling for stabilization of slopes.

Exploration Core Drill

Exploration Core Drilling is the initial phase of drilling for the purpose of determining the physical properties and boundaries of a reservoir. Exploration Drilling is used to obtaining detailed information about rock types, mineral content, rock fabric, and the relationship between the rock layers close to the surface and at depth. It is used in areas that have been selected as “targets” based on geological, geophysical, and/or geomechanical methods.

Our Exploration Core Drill service provides drilling since HQ to BQ with an average recovery of 90% using double and triple drilling tubes to ensure the maximum recovery of drilled material.

We have executed more than 15km of Exploration Core Drill.

Auxiliary Services

The Mine services ensure the efficiency of the production. Mine service installations are large in an underground mine, requiring reticulation systems for electricity, compressor air, backfilling methods, service water, and pumping water. Power is required for ventilation, lighting, and a for other purposes and water is required for drilling and dust suppression.

Our service installation is the base for the execution of the different mining process. We have the capacity and expertise to install electrical cables of medium voltage for underground and open pit mines; metallic, alvenius, and HDPE pipes installation for mining water supply from pumping areas, and the installation of hydraulic and cemented filling.

Equipment Hire

We have a large range of equipment for hire, including an assortment of surface and underground equipment.

We have underground drill rigs, production drills, development drills, construction loaders, earthmoving equipment, service machinery. All stock is maintained frequently to maintain high performance standards.

Our Expertise

Our expertise in mining places us at the forefront of the industry. We are readily available with an international service.

In a world of globalisation, we deliver integral solutions for the mining industry. Our services include long-term mine development and production contracts. We have the ability to deliver integral services for the whole mine while also offering our specialized capabilities separately, to meet the short and long term requirements of our clients.

Beginning to end mining services

Underground Mine Development Service

Reliant has a long history as a safe and efficient contract miner and offers you a full-range of underground mine construction and installation services.

We can do virtually every facet of your underground mining project – exploration platforms, drilling, planning, development, extraction, and closure at the end of production. We are equipped to handle your entire project, or to just assist you with specific aspects.

Reliant has set the gold standard for all manner of mining and excavation services, including underground development. Underground space development is a labor-intensive, carefully planned type of mining used to create safe and functional mines under the earth’s surface.

We offer rehabilitation of existing drifts and ramps, including replacement of mine services and material removal.

We have the people and equipment necessary to install standard and mechanical rock bolts, friction bolts, screen, cable bolts, and shotcrete.

Our diverse, work ready equipment fleet allows us to offer quick start up for a multitude of scenarios.

From narrow vein and sill mining to large scale excavations and bulk mining, we are equipped for remote work and mine start-up, with our fleet of generators, fuel storage units and office trailers.

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